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  • All visitors are subject to Airport Security requirements, including background screening, and all individuals 18 or older are required to produce a photo ID.
  • All requests are subject to cancellation or rescheduling based upon department availability, emergency situations, or seasonal readiness.
  • All tours are provided at the sole risk of the participant. Accordingly, by submitting this form the participant, or their guardian, in the case of a minor, agrees that neither the City of Cleveland nor its elected officials, officers, directors, agents, or employees shall be liable for any losses, damages, expenses, suits, claims, demands, fines, penalties, awards, liabilities, or costs, including attorneys’ fees, for bodily injury (including death at any time arising) or damage to property of the participant resulting from a negligent, intentional or otherwise wrongful act, error or omission of any such elected official, officers, directors, agents or employees occurring while the participant is on the premises of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport as a result of participating in the tour.
  • For a list of prohibited items, please visit